Walk Go 4 Skechers Gifted Skechers Go 8ZwEtW

Recommended for running, training and walking.


The ultra-lightweightGo Walk 4 - Giftedshoes from Skechersoffer maximum comfort with each step. Crafted with a soft, flexible upper that adapts to the shape of your foot, the streamlined design of these shoes makes them perfect for morning power walks.

- Textured stretch knit upper

- Ultra-lightweight, soft, breathable fabric upper

- Burgundy shade; contrast ivory white outsole

- 5GEN® midsole cushioning

- Slip-on design

- Pull-tab to heel

- Branding to side

Inner: Synthetic

Sole: Synthetic

Upper: Textile



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Walk Go 4 Skechers Gifted Skechers Go 8ZwEtW Walk Go 4 Skechers Gifted Skechers Go 8ZwEtW Walk Go 4 Skechers Gifted Skechers Go 8ZwEtW Walk Go 4 Skechers Gifted Skechers Go 8ZwEtW Walk Go 4 Skechers Gifted Skechers Go 8ZwEtW

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